Sep. 7: Other blogs

This morning I was messing around on blogger and found a link to Overheard Lines, another blogspot blog. Blogs are fun to read. Blog blog blog blog blog blog blog.

Another good one is Overheard in the Office, which has several sister sites that are hilarious as well. In fact, there are "overheard in..." sites all over the place. You can look them for your own damn self. But here are a few things I couldn't leave for you to find on your own.

Cashier: In 20 minutes I can go home... Go home and play some video games.
Middle-aged lady customer: Yay!
Cashier: Either that or drink.
Middle-aged lady customer: Why not both?
Cashier: Well, then my mom will yell at me in the morning.

Manager on phone to client: Yeah, that's like someone watching me take a shower, and after two kids, no one wants to see that.

Employee #1: Do you know what the problem is with rice cakes?
Employee #2: What?
Employee #1: There's no meat in them.

Woman (to friend): "Why'd you tell Grandma I'm wearing her underwear?!"

Friend: "So what kind of music do you listen to?"
Girl: "Oh, I listen to stuff no one's ever heard of!"
Friend: "Hmmm, so where do you buy it?"
Girl: "I buy it from"

Owner Of Haight Street Bookstore: "We don't allow cell phones here. We have this policy because cell phones make people's heads explode. And then the police would close us down as a crime scene."

Woman inside an apartment: "I didn't eat any candy today, baby! ...Well, I did have a doughnut. But that's because I was out of milk for my cereal."

Large white woman speaking to her small Mexican husband: "I'm bleeding."
(Pokes at her husband who ignores her.)
"Heyyy, I'm bleeding from my neck. Don't you care?"
(Husband puts headphones on and looks out the window.)
"I wish I knew you didn't speak English before I married you!"

Employee 1: "Why'd you throw that out? It's recyclable."
Employee 2: "I can never remember what's recyclable."
Employee 1: "Anything that tears" goes in the recycling bin, remember?"
Employee 2: "Yeah, yeah."
Employee 1: "So when I rip you a new one for not recycling, that can go in there too."

Guy Working In Old Navy Marketing Department (And Let's Hope He Was Talking About Pants): "I really have a hard time with girl's bottoms."

Concerned passerby: Dude... Are you okay?
Concerned drunk: I appreciate your concern, but you're standing in my puke.

Hippie Mom To Daughter Checking Out The Money At The Bottom Of A Fountain: "Honey, leave other people's wishes be!"

Woman Exiting Theater (And Entering Rehab): "It's hard to concentrate on a play when you're loaded on wine."


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