Sep. 30: September recap

I'm going to try something new, being that it's the last day of September. I'm summarizing my month's activities and will try to do that here every 30-31 days.

Books I read this month:

No books, really, at least nothing cover-to-cover. But I did read about some books in magazines like People, Real Simple, Family Fun, Lucky and Allure. I'm pathetic, huh?

Movies and TV shows worth mentioning:

No movies in theaters. I watched the season premieres of The Office, CSI: Miami, CSI, My Name is Earl, CSI: NY. Lots of the usual other shows too.

Special days I celebrated and how:

My birthday! I went grocery shopping, did the school runs, took a nap, enjoyed a lovely dinner prepared by Vic and the kids and opened gifts. Just the way birthdays are supposed to be spent.

Gifts I gave and/or received:

I gave a few Amazon gift certificates. I received a beautiful ring and balloon/floral bouquet from my sister. Sally's family sent me some turquoise beads and silver spacers with a beautiful clasp so I can make something fun for myself. Sonya's family sent me The Office Season 3 on DVD. The kids gave me a cool Disney jigsaw puzzle (I know it makes me a total nerd girl to admit this, but I love puzzles) and the new Simpsons CD, Testify. My in-laws took me out for dinner at Stanfords. I also received a couple checks to be used for "Jen" things--a mani/pedi or two, I think--and a few cards and e-cards. I felt very loved. 'Cept by my grandmother. She didn't acknowledge my birthday in any way. But I'm sure it's hard for her to keep up with all TWO of her grandchildren. I love how she shows her dislike for me in such ridiculous/meaningless passive-aggressive ways. Boo-friggidy-hoo! (FYI, Mom, if you ever pull that $#!+ with YOUR grandchildren, you're getting rat poison in your coffee.)

I was a sickie:

Two headaches in September, both lasting several days each. Totally sucked. I think I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled. The dentist has been telling me that for a few years but I'm a-scared so I stopped going to him.

New recipes or restaurants I tried:

Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe I should tally the number of days I ate mac & cheese. Or maybe I don't want to tell.

Special or unusual purchases I made:

Ordered things from K&J's school fundraiser, bought K&J's Halloween costumes. I don't do that every month.

This month’s disappointments:

After waiting two years, Jack finally got to start playing on a soccer team. After the first game he announced he hates soccer. As much as we encourage him to channel that hatred into his game, he has simply lost all interest. His cruel parents are making him finish out the season anyway.

My accomplishments:

I delivered a project I've been working on for nearly a year. Yay me. I also got TiVo hooked up to our new cable boxes (read below)--which took about nine hours longer than it should have--but the kids aren't yelling at me anymore because they have many new channels to watch. Mommy and Daddy ♥ Noggin and Sprout.

Anything else noteworthy:

We changed our Internet access from DSL to cable broadband, and our telephone service to digital. We also got a new home phone number. We upgraded our cable TV to digital cable, which means now we get BBC America and Bravo. We get a lot of other new channels too, but those are the ones I care about most.

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