Sep. 18: Shiver me timbers

Here's my last attempt to learn y'all some pirate lingo so you're prepared for tomorrow, which is the very important Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Here be some phrases that ye need know if ye want to not be mistaken for no landlubber!

  • Ahoy: Used to hail a ship or a person or to attract attention

  • Arr!, Argh, Arrgh!, Yarr!, Harr!, etc.: A general piratical term - can be used with anything

  • Avast!: Used as a command to stop or desist

  • Belay: Used in the imperative as an order to stop. Belay there!

  • Blimey!: Used to express frustration

  • Bucko: A friend

  • Dead men tell no tales: Phrase explaining why pirates leave no survivors

  • Gangway!: Used to clear a passage through a crowded area

  • Hang the jib: To look ill-tempered or annoyed. To pout.

  • He's gone to Davy Jones' locker: He is dead. (Davy Jones's locker is also the bottom of the sea)

  • Me hearties: My comrade; boon companion; good fellow; a term of familiar address and fellowship among sailors. Captains often refer to their entire crew this way.

  • Shiver me timbers!: An expression of surprise

  • Sink me!: An expression of surprise

  • Smartly: Quickly

  • Splice the mainbrace!: To have a drink, or perhaps several

  • Yo-ho-ho: Completely meaningless, but fun to say


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