Sep. 19: I've been everywhere, man

OK, see how you do on this test. You're supposed to name all 50 states in under ten minutes. As you type each one--hint: you don't have to press enter after typing--they go in an alphabetical list below the box. I've done it twice and I still can't name all the states in less than seven minutes. It's harder than it seems. Good luck.


  1. I did it in 3:43!!!

    Gauntlet thrown...


  2. 5:48 boo-ya! (3rd attempt) Man that's way harder than it seems...

  3. OK, I tried it once more after all you speed-geographers showed me how much I suck... I did it with 6:42 left. Now, if I could remember some math I could figger out how much time it actually took. Meh.


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