Mar. 20: Things will be different now…

Goodness gracious! Let Me Google That For You might just be the smart-assiest way to explain a simple concept to someone that I have ever, ever seen. Check it out using my example. Have you ever seen anything so ideal for boosting passive-aggressive behavior?

Let Me Google That For You is a site that lets you create animated Google help for a stupid person who doesn’t think to Google something they should Google. In response to that stupid person (or a normal person’s stupid question), you type the question into LMGTFY, copy the link they give you, and then give the stupid person the link and leave it at that. See? It’s perfectly, passively, aggressive!

Here’s the kind of situation in which using Let Me Google That For You would be appropriate. Let’s say your friend—we’ll call him “Darby”—tells you about a food he insists is delicious but you totally think he’s trying to Punk you because it doesn’t seem to exist. I mean, it has no vowels! Instead of “Darby” gettin’ all high-pitched and squeaky-defensive, he can simply send you a link to the “food” using Let Me Google That For You and you can decide for yourself if you’re being Punk’d. Hint: you’re not. Hint #2: Even better is when “Darby” brings you over a plateful of said vowel-less food, because it really is delicious. Sometimes it pays to be a doubter. But that’s not my point.

My point is that I am going to start using Let Me Google That For You whenever and wherever I can. Ye be warned.

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