Jul. 1: Lots of busy-ness

filefolders Yay, me. I got my filing done yesterday. The new system is working really well so far. I can tell because I haven’t needed to get into it since I finished it yesterday. I’ve got a bag of things to shred, two bags of papers and magazines ready for the recycle bin, and zero paper cuts. I cannot believe it.

I am also very excited to share the news that the top of my desk is now visible. I hadn’t seen it for such a long time, I’d forgotten what it looked like. Now I remember. It’s kinda brown and boring. But I’m still thrilled to have more workspace again. Maybe I can even do some scrapbooking.

I spent way too much time putting my PTO binder together last night, but I want so much to do a good job that I figure starting out organized will better my chances. For those of you that think I’m a little bit crazy for joining the PTO board, you may be right but I also have these things to say:

  • The board is comprised of some very cool people. There’s only one board member I didn’t already know, and since I found out she lives around the corner from me, is a blogger, and calls Zac Efron her boyfriend, I could quickly detect her wicked-awesomeness. And I am never wrong about these things.
  • We hold our board meetings at places like Panera Bread and The Keg. I know! It’s pretty awesome that I can say I have to go to Panera for a meeting because while I’m there I might as well eat something delicious, right?
  • imageAmong other things, we help the sixth graders fund Outdoor School, offer scholarships for activities that some students may not otherwise be able to afford, pay a big chunk of the bus usage fees to make class field trips less expensive, provide numerous lunches and dinners throughout the year to honor faculty and staff, keep the school’s workroom stocked with supplies, host movie nights, coordinate volunteers to help complete teachers’ classroom projects, etc. Our PTO is responsible for a lot of things that (in my opinion) make the school a better place. I like the idea of contributing to that in my own small way.
  • Did I mention the cool people?
  • Rumor goes that sometimes we get to dress up like pirates. I can hardly wait to wear my wench costume again! This time I will not stuff the top with socks, or at least I won’t announce that I did.

Well, I didn’t plan on going into all that PTO stuff; all I was really wanting to write was that I got something done yesterday and I’m feeling quite pleased about it.

I should also mention that while I’m proud of myself for having accomplished something yesterday, it’s nothing compared to what two of my friends are working on today. The Loveliest Lori is moving—always the suckiest part of finding a cool place to live. And my next door neighbor is having a baby! Best wishes to BOTH of you.



  1. Um PTO sounds awesome - where do I sign up?

  2. I'd choose having a baby over moving. And my last one was 9 lbs/6oz and felt like I was being torn in half!

    You're welcome for the graphic!


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