Jul. 5: Our July 4 dessert

Strawberry ShortcakeVictor did the baking of the shortcakes yesterday and is very proud of himself, as well he should be! He has this thing about working with unsalted butter, though; he thinks it makes whatever he’s making extry-fancy, no matter what it is. [Yes, he hears us all snickering…]

The shortcakes turned out very well. As we were covering them with berries last night I thought, “OK. Just before we pass around the desserts I’ll take a picture to show to Sherilee.” (Sherilee, as you know, is my favorite food blogger as well as one of my favorite people, and what YOU should love about her is that she’s very generous with her delicious recipes.) And once Darlene and I finished serving everything up, I forgot to take a picture until the plates had been distributed and everyone had started eating. Then I noticed a plate still on the counter—probably the first time I’ve been glad Wellington’s always late—so I managed to grab a shot.

The scoops of ice cream placed as Mickey Mouse ears was unintentional, I promise. Eating this dessert, I didn’t feel anything was “missing,” but now that I look at it, a few blueberries would’ve been a nice addition for patriotic color.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the flavor and texture of the shortcakes, so huge thanks to you, Sher, for recommending the recipe! I look forward to having another reason to use it again before our local berry season is over for the year.



  1. We always (growing up) did the more chopped up strawberries with either pound cake or bisquick biscuits. And always whipped cream not ice cream. It's fun to try it different ways. It does look beautiful! :)

  2. Not to butt in on Sherilee's recipes (which I'm sure are great, but I haven't tried any :)) check out the Pioneer Woman's Web site. She's awesome. She's a city girl who married into the ranch world. She has mutliple blogs, including gardening, cooking, photography and home schooling. Plus she's quite funny.


  3. The Pioneer Woman is great, I agree! I have found a lot of fun ideas on her site.

    I can't tell you how many times I've thought (after I've eaten something yummy), Oh shoot, didn't take a picture! But, that can be a great excuse to just make it again.

    Sounds like you had a lovely, and a yummy, 4th! Kudos to Vic for going all-out with the unsalted butter. He really knows how to step out!


  4. I love strawberry shortcake like you would not believe - this looks delicious! :)

  5. I love strawberry shortcake like you would not believe - this looks delicious! :)


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