Jul. 10: Katie’s room re-do

Katie’s made some decisions about how she wants her new room to look. I’m pleased that so far it hasn’t completely stressed me out—there are good and bad things about surrendering (some of) the decorating decisions, and I’m finding out exactly what those are.

The first choice she/we made was on the overall theme; at first she suggested Hannah Montana or High School Musical, but I discouraged that because those kinds of interests tend to change quickly (thank god). I also really really really hate bedding with people’s faces on them. Katie and I looked through catalogs for ideas, and she finally picked out these cute little dog and cat Wallies. Katie’s an animal lover, so this theme is really quite perfect for her.

Dog & Cat Wallies

Each of these Wallies is about four inches wide. We got 75 of them. We plan to use them as a border at the top of the wall and maybe in a few other perfect spots.

With the variety of colors in these critters, I was concerned about how we’d find a quilt or comforter that could look right with all of them. Do we pick out one or two colors and ignore the others? Do we try to do a little bit of all of them? Last night on my way to a few home decor stores I was thinking, wouldn’t a plaid be just perfect? Yes. The answer to that question is YES. So imagine my surprise and delight when I found this:

Nautica Summerland quilt

It could not be more perfect. Even better is that Katie LOVES it. The quilt has so many different colors in it, and it’s the kind of design that will grow with her because it isn’t babyish. Because honestly? I think the Wallies are a bit cutesy for a 9-year-old, but they’re easy to remove when she decides that for herself. The quilt can stay.

On a trip to IKEA today we found a few more things to go with this decor:


We got one of each, because who doesn’t want every one of their hoodies hung on dog butts?

IKEA BÄSTIS storage bags (with tails!)

These nylon bags are about 15 inches tall; good storage for all of Katie’s teeny tiny toys and hair things and scraps of paper she refuses to throw away.

Lastly, the wall color has not yet been decided upon, but we’re leaning toward a light aquamarine or possibly a pale salmon-y pink. I’ll probably have Katie pick a color out of the quilt and we’ll go from there. Painting is always my favorite part of these projects so I’m excited to get that started.

The plans for this room re-do came together surprisingly well. It helps that Katie’s tastes are similar to mine, yes, but I think the planets must have been aligned just *so* today. Me happy. smiley


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  1. It sounds (and looks) like it's going to be REALLY cute! Love the quilt and those doggy butt coat hangers - adorable!


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