Jul. 6: That didn’t take long

The Wii is making me crazy. It’s not really the Wii’s fault for being so fabulous, I know, but the kids are so fa-lippin’ LOUD when they’re playing. And the Wii is set up in our family room, which is also where my office space is because I surrendered my office so the kids could have a playroom because parents who love their children make sacrifices even when their children don’t appreciate the depth said sacrifices can entail and so they just mess up the playroom until it’s no fun to play in anymore.

So why is the Wii not in the kids’ playroom? Excellent question. The TV in the playroom is a little tiny thing, which was perfect when the kids were much smaller and hardly used it anyway. Now, though, I think it would be kind of cruel to move the Wii from a 35” TV to an 11” TV. Moving our family room TV to the playroom is not an option I’m willing to explore because Victor and I often spend our evenings in the family room and that means it’s “our” TV. What a dilemma, huh?

Oh, yeah. This is a big, huge, problem. Whatever will I do.   No question mark because that is a statement, not a question. Because I’m being sarcastic. Git it?

I am the queen of turning a tiny little project into a project of epic, earth-moving proportions, and have a knack for making it life-threatening along the way. This one is going to be no exception. After a Manullang Family meeting last night, here’s what we’ve decided to do:

  1. Move the Wii to the playroom.
    TO DO: purchase a TV that can be hung on the wall, maybe a 20” screen or so?
    This will eliminate the need for a TV stand, giving us a little more floor space in the playroom. Any parent knows that playroom floor space is premium real estate. The “hooray” result of this effort: Victor and I get to reclaim the family room. Aaaaaaahhhhh…
  2. This is the shelving in the playroom. The photo is from when it was still our office/workspace, and this was my scrapbooking table. Now these shelves are full of Rubbermaid boxes containing toys. Soon they will be full of all the things Katie can't bear to get rid of, like scraps of paper and that sticker she found once in the parking lot and a toy Scout liked once and a box of thumbtacks and a rock. Move Katie from room #2 into room #4 (currently the playroom).
    TO DO: shampoo carpet, paint walls, buy new bedding and curtains. She needs a new dresser too.
    Katie’s been asking to switch her room for quite a while now, and this seems like a good time. Also, besides occasionally rearranging furniture, she hasn’t changed much about her room since we moved her into it just before Jack was born. Over the years I’ve asked if she wants a new wall color or quilt, but she’s never jumped at it before now. Room #4 is an odd shape—it actually has a little more character than the others, though—so she’s going to run into some limitations for placing furniture compared to what she’s used to in #2. Still, I think the one entire wall of shelves in #4 is going to solve a lot of her clutter problems.  
  3. Move the playroom from room #4 to room #2 (currently Katie’s).
    TO DO: shampoo carpet, paint walls, sort through toys on playroom shelves and donate what the kids no longer play with and hopefully fit everything else into shelving in the other room ha ha ha ha ha ha that will never happen.
    The armoire Katie has always used as her dresser fits in very few spots in #4, so we’ll keep it in #2 for playroom storage. The #4 closet has always been off-limits to the kids because that’s where I keep my sewing machine cabinet and other miscellaneous things; I think I’m going to have to find a new place for those things because we’ll need the closet space once the playroom is in #2. Grr. One of the good things about the playroom being in #2, though, is that there’s more flexibility in where the play table and Wii can be put.
  4. Because Jack doesn’t want to be left out, he’s asked for a change too. He wants his room (#3) de-pirated and Indiana Jones-d.
    TO DO: pull border off the walls, get a new comforter—not too much work or expense, thank goodness.
    Jack had talked about moving into #2 when Katie decided she wanted to go to #4, and my biggest concern was how we would get his loft bed out of #3 without completely dissembling it. When I say “we,” of course, I mean “Victor” because I don’t think it’d be wise for me to go near that big heavy bed with a screwdriver. I was relieved that Jack has decided to stay in #3—if he’d really wanted to move, I would have had to come up with good responses as to why Katie gets to move and he doesn’t, and I don’t think he would’ve liked a single one of them. I also thought he wanted Star Wars decor, but “that was last week,” I was firmly informed. I’m not going to indulge him in changing room decor depending on his favorite *whatever* every few months, though, so Indiana Jones-ing his room is mostly going to be done with posters, I think. IKEA makes inexpensive poster frames—great for kids’ rooms, too, because they have plastic instead of glass—that will keep the posters from getting ripped up (hopefully) and he can change out the posters in another few months when he decides the coolest thing in the world is Terminator or Spongebob or the Jonas Brothers or Megan Fox.

My mother is shaking her head right now at me taking on this huge and quite unnecessary task, I just know it. But I haven’t painted anything for, like, a YEAR. ‘Tis time, people.

And you know I’ll be keeping you up to date on my progress. You can hardly wait, right.   No question mark because that is a statement, not a question. Because I’m being sarcastic. Git it?



  1. So can I come and visit when Jack's room is decorated "Megan Fox?" This I have to see!

    Sounds like you've bitten off a wee bit 'o work, lass. Yikes. I hope your little slaves can be of some assistance?

    Can't wait to see pix.

  2. Sounds like a good bit of work but also strangely fun - I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes and also praying you don't injure yourself in the process.

  3. Your mother is shaking her head up and down and saying, "WOW, how cool!" I'm afraid you and Kathy both got the "movin' genes" from moi and I get excited when those genes are activated!! You go girl!! But stay away from all screwdrivers, bottle caps, stairs, and Gilly's enthusiasm over this project--he tends to run up and down the steps when he gets excited.


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