Jul. 8: Where’s the “any” key?

When technology is giving me grief, there’s a small bit of consolation when I find out it was defective equipment and not something stupid I was doing that was wonking everything up.

From the Simpsons episode when Homer gets fat so he can go on disability:

Homer: [reading screen] "To Start Press Any Key". Where's the ANY key? I see Esk ["ESC"], Catarl ["CTRL"], and Pig-Up ["PGUP"]. There doesn't seem to be any ANY key. Woo! All this computer hacking is making me thirsty. I think I'll order a TAB. [presses TAB key] Aw... no time for that now, the computer's starting.

At least I didn’t cause a nuclear meltdown and then stop it with my giant muu-muu’ed ass, like Homer did. You’da probably read about it on the news if I had. Heh heh.

My oh-so-many curse-heavy outbursts this week can be blamed on a router that Linksys finally admitted was bad bad bad. Naughty, in fact. I exchanged it today for one that works, and voy-oil-ay, we’re on the Internet again. I’ve got my pretty curly apostrophes and quotation marks back. Hooray. I know you’re happy too.


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  1. What a relief! I love it when it's someone else's fault!


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