Jul. 8: Hello/Je;;p

Yes, this is a picture of someone checking in. Clever, no? You're right. No.Internet issues again. The problem is still router-related, and I have to use the desktop computer if I want to get on the Internet. And I hate the desktop computer because it's in the kids' playroom, one of too many rooms in our house that smells like crayons and feet. The desktop computer also has an odd keyboard with some extra keys, so I'm always one column over and my typing looks like this: Je;;p, O
, amd odopt/ O cammpt tu[e tp save ,u ;ofe/
("Hello, I am an idiot. I cannot type to save my life.")

Worst of all? My cool little Windows Live app I've been using for typing posts isn't on the desktop. Instead I'm using the Blogger editor window, which is fine but-cept it doesn't do the pretty curly apostrophes and quotes. It does straight ones. See? ' and "

Horror of horrors, right? I know!

Quick things, like Facebook and Twitter, I can access using my iPhone. For this reason, I'm not too worried that anyone will think I've dropped off the face of the earth because I can still post crap here and there. I did warn y'all that if my blog went quiet you could be sure I finally hurt myself THAT bad, but that has not yet happened. Knock on wood this cheap Lego-dented desk.

My point? I'm checking in. Also, I hate routers and tech support folk that don't fix the problem. And spiders. Ew. I hate spiders a lot. And I'm kinda tired of potato salad.


  1. :/ I feel your pain. My Internet just likes to be slooooooooooow as molasses which is apparently slow? I wouldn't know - but my Internet is slow. And I hate it.

  2. I feel your pain also. Can I just say here, safely, away from my own blog, how flipping slow the connection on that beautiful island was last week? (I don't think my parents read your blog, they barely read mine!) They've got satelitte hook-up but it might as well be dial-up some days... But you, you're in the city! There are no excuses for such things. Hate those routers!

    I'd make some joke about having a fling with the neighborhood IT nerd just to get this fixed, but Vic might take that the wrong way. Or, he could just be so glad the internet is back?


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