Oct. 13: Coffee break post

Yesterday was practically non-stop excitement. Well, busy-ness, anyway. I felt like I barely had a moment to breathe or nap or watch a short SVU marathon. Days like that kinda suck. Actually, it wasn’t awful awful; there was fun stuff going on but it wore me out. That’s why you’re getting a bulleted list today, and FYI, it’s only as long as my coffee mug is deep.

  • I had lunch with my mom yesterday. This time she didn’t climb any fences, but she did get lost trying to find us on the hospital campus EVEN THOUGH WE WERE RIGHT WHERE WE SAID WE’D BE. What are we gonna do with her, people? As Vic said, “She’s teaching our nurses and she can’t find her way down the stairs?” Fortunately, she’s not teaching geography. We had a nice lunch together when we finally connected. Maybe Loveliest Lori will drive up north to join us next time???
  • I went back to work after lunch and there was too much to do so I’m going in again this morning. Another department requested some work too, and I don’t know if I’ll get to all of that today so I’ll probably have to work more tomorrow. Not complaining, not complaining! I didn’t work much last month so this is making up for some of that.
  • Tomorrow the PTO is hosting a “Donuts with Dad” thing at the school. Kids will bring their dads and I betcha can’t guess what they’ll eat! Random Sunshine™ and I are plotting to hide at least one box of Krispy Kremes to devour later on our own, when no one’s around to see. Oink.
  • Last night a bunch of bookstores did launch parties for the newest “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book. Katie and Jack went, and both took their new books to school today to show off. I very, very, very much like to see Jack so excited about books. I haven’t read any of the Wimpy Kids, but they’re awfully popular so I assume they’re full of fart jokes.
  • Over the weekend we planted tulip, daffodil, and crocus bulbs in the front yard. And when I say “we,” I actually mean “Vic,” because I don’t dare injure my back any further by working in the yard. I just pointed and said, “Here’s good” a whole bunch of times. The black-eyed Susans are still flowering wildly, but once they’re gone I think the yard will be bloom-less until the crocuses peek through next winter/spring. Bummer.
  • Here’s a question for you gardening/landscaping types: do you mark where you plant bulbs? And if you do, what do you use for markers?
  • Another one: is cat poop a good fertilizer? I sure hope so, because Millie seemed to think all the holes Vic dug in the yard were just for her.
  • Victor is looking into starting his own blog. I think it’s just to get back at me. Promise me you won’t read it—it’ll be full of lies and things that make me look bad. What do you wanna bet he calls it “Stuff Vic Yells Back”?
  • This Sunday Vic and Ted are taking Wellington to a Seahawks game. I don’t know about Ted, but Vic hasn’t been in the new stadium yet—it’s not even really new anymore—so he’s looking forward to seeing it for himself. As much as I hate football and care not even a little bit for Seattle’s crappy team, I do love the look of Qwest Field, especially how it’s a similar style to Safeco Field right next door, and how it’s changed the skyline. Seattle’s a beautiful city.
  • Birthdays! Two important birthdays are being celebrated today! Jim Jordan, April’s husband, is 40-something, and Erin, my niece(ish) is um, younger. Twenty-eight? I think she’s 28. Best wishes to both of you from all of us! Many smooches.
  • You’ve heard of FML, right? Here’s a new one: My Life is Average, or MLIA. Cute.

Coffee’s gone. Gotta get to work.


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  1. OK, so I admit I'm directionally challenged--but you, Jen, just "might" be challenged at giving directions.... Anyway, I have all kinds of wonderful adventures ending up in places I never thought I'd see!!! So there....


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