Oct. 5: I predict Random Sunshine™

You know Sunshine, my very cool new friend and PTO peep I’m always mentioning lately? Here’s a picture of Sunshine and her sweetie that I stole from her Facebook album:

They be cute, huh? Kinda like you-almost-wanna-hate-‘em-cute. So to even things out, here’s a picture of Sunshine’s hand holding toilet paper with bongos nearby:

She’s got mad skillz, yo. Here’s another picture of Sunshine. In this one, she’s totally not wearing a witch’s hat.

And this is Sunshine receiving her Mother of the Year award after that time she pureed many vegetables:

Ah, good times.

Such good times, in fact, that we here at Stuff Jen Says have decided it’s time for Sunshine to have a special trademarked name, which she has chosen her very own self: Random Sunshine. Please note this in your records for all future use. Thank you.



  1. You are terrible! And I love you! How EVER did you find that pic of me with my head in the throw up bowl?!


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