Oct. 16: Major inconvenience

We’ve been without Internet access at home the past few days and I cannot believe how little time it took me to feel insane without it. Sure, I have my iPhone and can check email, but it’s a pain to type out replies on that teeny touch keyboard. And yes, I can get on the Internet with the phone, but not enough web sites have mobile versions to make browsing quick enough to make it worthwhile. It got old very fast.

And blogging! Blogging is virtually impossible. The other day, when I had to vent a little over the Lunchlady Doris incident, I typed up my blog post in Word, then copied it into an Outlook note, synced my iPhone using iTunes, copied the note, and pasted it into the Blogger editor window. It wouldn’t let me change anything once I got it in there, so I couldn’t format the text or add images of a nasty lookin’ wart-faced hunchbacked lunchlady like I wanted to. But at least I got the post published. It took so much effort that I haven’t tried it again since.

Hopefully the Internet access thing will be resolved soon and life at the House of Manullang will return to its lovely always-online self.

Tonight Victor’s parents are out of town, and he suggested I go over to their house to catch up on emails and blogging, etc. It’s peaceful and dark here, with a trouble-free Internet connection, but I gotta say that I’m actually a little freaked out. I mean, there’s all this creaking and unfamiliar outside noise, and I can’t figure out what switch turns on the dang overhead light in the family room, and I think I might go home soon because now that I’m typing all this out I’m suddenly super-scared. I thought I felt better when I found the chocolate stash, but ultimately it really only made me want potato chips.

Alright, so quickly quickly quickly with the rest, and then I’ll publish and head home.

‘Twas a big day for the family because three of the four of us were up front for this morning’s school assembly. We PTO babes made an announcement about our current fundraiser and I played the part of Vanna with the prize poster. Jack’s class performed a song with some marimba things. And Katie—I can’t believe this—KATIE played a piano solo! In front of her whole school! This girl definitely is braver than I was at that age. She did a really good job.

I think my favorite part of assembly was when another girl sang The Hoedown Throwdown (or whatever it’s called) and my gal Cassie sang along out in the hallway—she knew every word and every dance step and it was a little bit pathetic but also so, so funny. Oh, and I touched Cassie’s tramp stamp, but I didn’t really mean to. Well, I meant to, but I didn’t realize how totally inappropriate it was until I had already done it and then I was so embarrassed that I told everyone I touched it. Goodness, I need help.

Victor’s going to a Seahawks game on Sunday with his dad and brother. Katie’s going up to Seattle with them, but she’ll hang out with Grandma and Abby while the boys are at the game. It’ll be a Mom-and-Jack day at home, I guess. He’ll probably celebrate the specialness of our time together by playing outside with his friends all day.

That’s it, I guess.


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