Oct. 9: Mmmmm, bacon

Here’s how I spent my evening last night… I hope you can stand the thrills that are such a constant presence in my life.

I cut out 60—count ‘em, 60—circles of felt.

Ooooh, I know. I walk wild.

All this while (get ready…) watching TV! But it doesn’t end there, folks! I also took a long, hot bath! Because my back was hurting so much I could hardly sit up! I’d like to blame the circle-cutting! But I can’t! And the bath didn’t help at all! And I was up half the night! And the second I fell asleep the cat jumped on my lap from somewhere very high! And it scared the living shit out of me! And I was up for more hours! And now I’m very grouchy! And the kids are home today and I kinda wish they weren’t!

It's totally understandable, kid. I love bacon too. Ugh, enough with the exclamation points. I have no exciting stories from my own life, so instead I’ll share a cautionary tale that Sherilee posted on Facebook this morning. Actually, it’s not so much cautionary as it is a New York Magazine author’s experience with the swine flu. Which she lived through! Because it really isn’t that bad! And it also sounds exactly like what I had last winter! But no matter! Because we’re all bound to get it and most of us aren’t going to die from it so stop freaking out about it already!

Sorry, I got going again with the exclamation points. No more.

What to expect when you’re expecting swine flu. Read it and appreciate your good health while you have it.


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