Oct. 2: New song from The Rouge

‘Nother article in a Denver newspaper about The Rouge. They released a new single yesterday called “Prodigal Son,” and you can download it for freesies here. What? You say you’ve forgotten how completely cool they are? All you gotta do is say the word and I’ll share a picture with you.

The Rouge

Chest-barers, all of ‘em. Me likes. Not in the same way my seester likes—Loveliest Lori and I are actually a little scared about how much Kathy likes, and Victor fears she’s going to be their Yoko—but to me, their look goes perfectly with their style of music. Plus I love the guy in the orange kind of a lot because he calls me Auntie Zen.

Big things for these noisy guys. You just wait and see.



  1. HELLLLOOOOO . . . I'm Band-Mom. Stupid suspicious jealous big doo-doo heads.

  2. Belatedly finally gave a listen - very impressive. They sound "real." They have a great sound.


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