Oct. 21: All H1N1-y

The swine flu has hit our house. It might not be the swine variety, actually, but it’s definitely the flu. Katie started feeling crappy on Monday; yesterday she had a fever of 101° so I kept her home again today. It’s just a matter of time before the rest of us get to feeling swiney. This makes me not one bit happy.

Last night I had a back spasm that could not be relieved. I know, because I tried everything and nothing worked. Not even tears. Not even whining. Not even cursing loudly at the heavens, and just to make sure all my bases were covered, at hell. I was awake way too much during the night, which meant Vic was awake too, and because Insecure Dog Casey will not let me go to another room without her, she was awake as well. What this all means is that Casey is NOT the most snarly one in the house today. Although the spasm is finally gone-ish this morning, I’m exhausted and am going to use Katie’s sick day as mine, too.

Jack said 13 out of 23 students in his class were out sick yesterday. Attendance at last night’s PTO meeting was especially low—I think there were only eight people there besides the board and principal. The good thing about that was MORE BROWNIES FOR US! Fancy Lori brought a platter of delicious chewy brownies that I probably could have devoured. I kinda wish I had—it’s hard to imagine that it would’ve made me feel any worse than I do now. Plus, y’know, BROWNIES. Brownie overdose is one of the best kinds of overdoses, wouldn’t you agree? Brownie hangover? Not so much.

Tomorrow night is another one of our Broadway in Portland shows, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY. Heard of it? Me neither. After reading the very good review from The New York Times when the play opened on Broadway, I’m looking forward to seeing it. (I love the title of the review: “Mama Doesn’t Feel Well, but Everyone Else Will Feel Much Worse”—sounds like a normal day in our house. Heh heh heh…) The tour cast has a few actors I’ve heard of, and nearly every one of them has been in at least one Law & Order, so there ought to be some familiar faces, for sure.

Saturday night is PTO’s first Movie Night of the school year. We’re showing Monsters vs. Aliens, in which fun will be had by all.

I led three volunteer training sessions yesterday, and have another one Friday. Next week is crazy busy with even more PTO duties/doodies. I’m coordinating the book fair that runs all week, as well as a teachers’ dinner on one day of conferences. Most of my PTO peeps are helping me with these events, and there are lots of volunteers to work the book fair. Those things are the only way I can face the week without first curling up in a fetal position under my desk.

Yesterday I found a festive, easy dessert to make for the teachers’ dinner. Is this the cutest?


Those aren’t regular candy corns on top; they’re seasonal Hershey’s Kisses that—according to many reviews I read on message boards across the ‘net—taste like diaper-flavored jelly beans. But they look adorable, right? And cute food is fun food. If I’m not able to find the Hershey’s variety, I’ll just use regular candy corn. Or maybe I’ll use regular candy corn anyway, because I don’t want to set off a diaper-scented puke-fest at the teachers’ dinner.

I’m going back to bed.



  1. Are you going to share the recipe for that dessert because now I want to make it very badly.

    Also, how crazy is this H1N1 thing getting? I'm hearing about it everywhere so I've kind of shut the kids and I into the apartment to hide from it all, which is really no different from every other day except now I have an excuse.

  2. The dessert does look very fine... as long as it's not candy-corn flavored, I'd like the recipe too... in my quickly formed fantasy, it's kind of creamsicle flavored. Yum.

    Sorry about the flu around your place. It's everywhere, so you're very hot, current, treny, trippin'. You know, cool. Tell Katie that; I'm sure it will make her feel SO much better!


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