July 27: What coffee drink are you?

I guess coffee is the subject of the day again. Here's a highly scientific test to determine what kind of coffee drink you are, if you were indeed a coffee drink, which is highly unlikely, but you never really know, do you?
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Jennifer, your coffee drink is sweet
A kind and caring soul like you is as warm and comforting as a hot cup of sweet coffee. From parties to book-club meetings to backyard barbecues, you're friendly and welcoming no matter if you're playing host, mingling with guests, or just chilling out with good friends. You've got a big heart, and you're not afraid to share your feelings and let others know how much they mean to you. People know your friendly smile and fun personality can brighten up any occasion. Sound sweet? A dash of sugar is just your style.

What Kind of Coffee Drink Are You?
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  1. Mine was the same as yours, Jen. Hmmm. I thought I was the sweeter one. ;) xoxo

  2. Mine says I'm sweet and have ADD.


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