July 29: Happy Birthdays

Join me in wishing my first husband a very happy birthday, won't you? And his brother too... They are 43 and 37 today and that, my friends, is old.

Today is also Scott Neil's birthday. We haven't talked to him in a long time but we still remember him. Well, I remember Scott. Vic's so old he's probably forgotten him. I'd ask but he's taking an old-guy nap right now.

To celebrate Vic's extra-special specialness, we saw the Simpsons movie this afternoon. It was like a really long TV episode but on a ginormous screen. Not as many celebrity cameos as I expected--really, just one--but overall it was not a waste of $9.50. We later gathered for a delightful dinner at Darlene & Wellington's house and ended the day with a be-candled birthday cake which Katie, Jack and Presley fought over. The grown-ups weren't too interested in cake after the kids "helped" with blowing/spraying out their dads' candles.

Spittle cake and all, it was not too shabby a day 'round here. Hope yours was good too.



  1. My birthday condolences to the old guy, also. He's the best B-I-L in the world!

  2. He's also a really great son-in-law!!

    Anonymous (so he's not embarrassed!)


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