Jun. 20: It’s just a small request

All I want for Father’s Day is for it to be hot enough that I can say I NEED a mojito.

I know I can make mojitos even when it’s cold outside. If it’s hot out, though, they would be so extra-refreshing that YES, I would NEED one or maybe four. But when it’s gloomy and grey and chilly and often raining and the sun has shined, like, TWICE all month… I want to go away and live at a place with a swim-up bar and I want to do it yesterday.

P.S. to Fancy Anthony™—that thing in the picture above is not a salad.


  1. Really, he likes salad. ;)

  2. I love how you're putting in requests for *Father's* Day. Bold move.

    And, just wanted you to know I thought of you extra today, knowing you'd be missing your dad especially on this day.

    Hope you made mojitos anyway. xo


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