Jun. 21: Hair watch #5, Day #40

Time for an update. I’m pretending you might care. Humor me. Because I gotta show off my luscious, flowing bangs!

Almost time for a trim, eh?

Here’s a shot that shows how things look a little farther back:

Is that hair coming in CURLY? Let’s zoom in for a better look.

Nope, just messy.

Also, yuck.
We need context in pictures like this.
Like, throw an ear in or somethin’, right?



Then let’s move on.

This is the part that bugs me a little; the hair on the sides
of my head isn’t nearly as fluffy as it is on the top. It lies flat
against my head, almost as though it doesn’t want
to be part of the party going on up there.
Why the face, side-of-my-head hair?

But but but BUT!
Can you see the brow hair? Yes indeed, that is brow hair!
I’m getting eyebrows!
Right now they’re even a little bit eyebrillo-ish,
but I can’t get them waxed into a shape until the hair’s a little longer.
And yes, those are lashes you can see there, too.
Still too short for mascara, but trying their best to grow.
Sometimes I can hear them at night.

This last picture is full of deceit and lies.


It looks like I have way more hair than I do.
From (not even very) afar, I still look Kojak-bald.
Tropical Storm Jen’s Hair is going strong, though.
Vic says that that cowlick is really gonna start bugging
me soon, when the hair in it is all sticky-outy
and the rest is flat. I say it’s already bugging me,
just knowing that it’s there.

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