Jun. 24: All about Sunshine

I haven’t done one of these Google searches for a long time, probably because I enjoy them way more than the person I do them for. Here are the ones I did for Ed (one of my favorites!), Kathy, Martin, Boise (apologies to my Boise peeps, but it is pretty chuckle-worthy), Sherilee, and my long-suffering husband, Victor. Today it’s my dear friend Sunshine’s turn, lucky girl!


Sunshine wants…

  • a rainbow
  • to fly like Superman
  • nothing more than to ignore the whole paranormal world and just return to her life as a baker
  • you!
  • to take hold of you and leave some sort of impression
  • to watch
  • to play the field
  • to appear on Big Brother to show that brains and beauty do mix
  • to race in shorts and a pair of flip flops
  • to argue the point
  • to be taken seriously
  • her to bring it on
  • to avoid the Fang of the Eternal Hunt


Sunshine loves…

  • all types of music
  • to cuddle
  • to play in my ficus
  • sticking the letters on the wall of the tub
  • me
  • the internet, reading, tomato sandwiches, and her nieces and nephew
  • to play rough
  • the pink ditsy floral outfit
  • this hat!
  • crawling around on all fours
  • dogs and kids and would make a wonderful addition to any family or adult


Sunshine said…

  • “I hate all of you.”
  • “Well, then that’s bang bang boogie!”
  • she’ll announce her pregnancy when she’s one hundred percent sure of it
  • “Eat fiber. That might help.”
  • “See the way his aura changes. It’s absolutely living.”
  • “The bondage, leather and fetish theme was good for the night.”
  • “OK, keep floating in the ocean.”
  • she was annoyed
  • “I’m a flip flop girl.”
  • “You like fruit?”
  • “How’s it going, good lookin’?”
  • “It’s a first offense.”


Sunshine was…

  • not considered
  • born in 1916
  • so damn awesome
  • hilarious
  • the prettiest
  • beautiful but disturbingly stupid
  • instantly famous as “the chick who KO’d the guy!”
  • a no show
  • in a blue outfit, part of which exposes her shoulders
  • irresponsible enough to drink that much
  • a hot topic of conversation in churches and the news media in South Korea
  • asked to move
  • something to absolutely marvel at
  • doubled over with laughter
  • taken away kicking and screaming
  • workin’ ‘em on the dance floor
  • able to snag up at least four Academy Award nominations
  • sent from above
  • pretty as Puerto Ricans
  • a 4-year-old when we bought her
  • a first class cookie-eating machine
  • definitely not gay


Sunshine can’t…

  • buy me love
  • sleep
  • seem to stay in one place for long
  • believe I let you leave
  • grow Christmas trees
  • fail
  • use voodoo
  • find my door
  • get enough of your love
  • be stopped
  • wait ‘til you move out to California
  • be all bad
  • get her stethoscope out
  • be moaned at
  • rhyme
  • rent videos there anymore
  • wait to try the wormballs

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  1. It is CrAzY how damn accurate that is!!! Google scares me. They know my stuff.

    p.s. thanks for thinking of me. you make me feel all warm and fuzzy.


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