Jun. 29: What brung ya

It’s been months since I’ve looked at my blog stats, but as always, the search terms that brought people to Stuff Jen Says have given me chuckles. One even made me snort, but just pretend I didn’t tell you that because snorting is unladylike and I am, if nothing else, a petite and fragile flower.

These are in order of popularity. Some are surprises; most are not.

  1. stuff jen says
  2. "pamela ribon" and ribon "going in circles" and ribon pamela
    Dur. She rocks. Who wouldn’t want to find references to pamie?
  3. jennifer manullang and jennifer says and jennifer saltmarsh and jennifer saltmarsh manullang and jennifer.manullang blogspot
    Can I just tell you how much I love that all the Pamie searches were more common than the searches for variations on my own name?
  4. "got contact lenses" or "got * contact lenses" or "got contacts" or "got * contacts" or "got glasses" or "got * glasses" -"optical health" site:blogspot.com
  5. "mr. squash you all flat"
    On my blog, this either refers to my bra or the driving habits of Kim F’n.
  6. coin dozer cheat
    How the hell can you cheat at that game???
  7. covered wagon kits portland oregon
    See, we’re not the only desperate people looking for covered wagon kits ‘round here.
  8. david gates and bread hardy boys
    Oh, YEAH.
  9. gummy bear jewelry
    If only.
  10. kimberly felkley nelson
    The true identity of Kim F’n. Who’s Googling Kim F’n? Hmm.
  11. saltmarsh 2010 "@hotmail.com"
    This is not my email address.
  12. what jen says
    So close. So very, very close.

I’m quite relieved to see that “pictures of Zac Efron pantsless” has finally dropped off this list.

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